Jayme Lassle

October 1985 – July 2010


To My Beautiful Angel (Jayme)

by Sherry Lassle

If I could pick a Star
It would be the one that sparkled brightest.

If I could paint a Rainbow
I would paint your favorite colors of pink.

If I could watch the Sunshine
I would wear some Big Stylin’ Shades
as I know you would…

The Stars
Sparkle as your smile glistens through.
The guiding light when the darkness sets in.

Are the colorful beauty of your caring, kindness
and giving which you always painted
with your smile.
They are the calm after a Storm
of you having to go.
But creating the beauty, the color
of how you fill my life.

The Sunshine
How bright the room
became as you entered
The warmth of your caring heart
that lightens the emptiness within.

Stands still without your presence
But must go on as you guide
My Journey
of keeping your MEMORY alive.

You will never be forgotten.

-Love, Mom


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